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"The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word."

~Mata Hari

Stalcup Dance Enrollment & Attendance Information

Click here for the Pre-Enrollment Form and Participant's Release. Please complete both forms and submit them.

Please note that when we are arranging our dance class schedule for the year, we do try to accommodate as many dancers as possible for each class hence the "Day Request" on the form. However, there is no guarantee that the final schedule will meet everybody's needs. Our classes are organized based upon age and dance experience level. (If an 8-year-old has the dance skills required, she may well be included in a class with 11-year-olds. By the same token, if an 11-year-old is new to dance &/or needs to advance her skills before moving on, she may be in a class with other dancers who are a year or two younger.)

Following our pre-enrollment day at the studio (usually in early August), which is when we receive the majority of our students, we then do our best to schedule classes when the most dancers can attend each class. If our current schedule does not meet your needs, please talk to one of our instructors about your individual circumstances.


Stalcup Dance Price Schedule

One 45-minute class per week $ 55 per month
Two 45-minute classes per week $ 75 per month
One 60-minute class per week $ 60 per month
Two 60-minute classes per week $ 80 per month
Three 60-minute classes per week $100 per month
Four 60-minute classes per week $115 per month
Mom & Tot Class $ 65 per 6-week session
Creative Movement Class $ 40 per 6-week session
There is a $25 Enrollment Fee per family.  



What to Wear & Attendance


What to Wear


In order for our instructors to observe a dancer's movements, it is important for her/him to be in the proper attire.

    • Ballet: Solid-colored leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes, ballet skirt optional.
    • Tap: Form-fitting dancewear, tap shoes, and optional tights.
    • Jazz/Hip Hop: Form-fitting dancewear, jazz shoes, and optional tights.

We also request that dancer's hair be pulled back from their faces in a bun, pony or braid for all classes.




It is vital that dancers attend each scheduled class/rehearsal. Not only can you not learn if you're not in class, but our dancers work as a team and as such require the participation of each member. Dancers cannot learn new steps nor make choreography changes if they have missed instructions. Stalcups has a responsibility to all of our dancers and cannot sacrifice studio time for the sake of one. Please make every effort to be in class when required.

We understand that true emergencies do occur, but if a dancer is going to miss class or be tardy, we appreciate your consideration in informing the instructor.